Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Three words I never wanted to hear...

These pictures were taken at St. Anne's School playground near our house.  The two extra darling children are 5 year old twin brothers, James and Gavin.  They are hanging out on top of the high monkey bars while Josh, the twins' dad, makes them crazy and hysterical with his never-ending variations of "I'm gonna get you" moves.  Manny's giggle is one of infectious delight and Josh pulls it out of him every time.  And for that, all five kids locked Josh up in prison under the tunnel slide forever.  Who knows?  He could still be there now.  Eating all those invisible poison hot dogs and occasionally stepping on those invisible buttons that shoot bad stuff up at your face. 

Today, the kids and I had all kinds of adventures that will have to remain undocumentable so that Christmas gifts can be wrapped, but the three words I never wanted to hear, in a public restroom, as I was feeling quite self-satisfied that all the kids were in stalls with shut doors taking care of their own business, came from Glory as she meandered toward the sink with dripping hands.

I wiped Lena!

If you are ever having a self-satisfied moment as a parent, you can guarantee something interesting is about to happen.  It's like the red flag.

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Sarah said...

I am so glad your lovely blog writing is back. I missed it so!