Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Snapshots

These pictures are a couple months old, taken in Kathleen's backyard.

I have three story snapshot moments today.  This morning, Manny rode his scooter with me following along behind.  I loved watching his little body do all these beautifully coordinated movements to get from our house all the way to the coffee shop.  His scooter crashed out from under him three times, but he didn't lose his balance and stayed upright the whole time, which made him proud.

Alicia was the barista this morning.  Manny has been seeing her for three years and she is his first crush.  When he was tiny, he said about Alicia, "She's beautiful" with awe in his voice.  After Alicia rang me up, she greeted Manny and, as fast as Batman speeds to the rescue when the Bat Signal is lit, Manny dove under the cream and sugar bar and hid his face in his hands.  She continued to try and engage him in conversation, but while Manny can be charming, he is not suave.  He never did manage to come out until I convinced him to go home, and like a shot, he was back on his scooter.

At bedtime, I was on the edge.  I had already given a ridiculous and needy version of the "at least you can show me a little respect you three preschoolers" lecture while they were getting in the bath after a day full of whining, demands, and shouting at me when I didn't act on their whining and demands fast enough.

When we got to the toothbrushing/flossing part of the evening, I took a deep breath and asked for patience, knowing I would have to make the "aaaahhh" noise for about 10 minutes straight to get the job done.  By the time I was finishing the last round of flossing on Manny, Glory snagged another piece of floss and began to floss my teeth and her toes at the same time.  I know it sounds complicated.  It was.  But it was also an act of incredible dexterity and I was impressed.

"Did they teach you that in dental school?" I asked.

"YEAH," Glory exclaimed enthusiastically and went on to weave the long piece of floss through her toes before she popped the whole thing in her mouth. 

Later, while I was reading an advent reflection, she came up behind me and wrapped the floss around my neck like she was going to strangle me, just like the mob boss did to his top man in the Johnny Depp movie I watched last night.  I think she was just trying to find my teeth.

My hair is still very heavy and oily after Elena whacked me with the comb and hairbrush (I mean, styled my hair) for a half an hour yesterday.  Right before I put her to bed, I saw the little brush and asked her what all the bits of white stuff was between the bristles.

"Lip Balm!" she said happily, as lip balm is so, so good for your hair.

That explained a lot.  About my hair and about why my tube of Burt's Bees looks so sad.  I think I will be shampooing repeatedly in the morning.

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Jaenisch Family said...

So glad you are writing again on your blog! Have missed it. I love it because there are so many similarities and I love how you can eventually find humor in so much that is happening in your day (not an easy task). When I have had a tough day and I read your blog it helps me to turn my world around. Thank you!!