Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In Character

Manny, Glory and Elena spend copious amounts of time in character.  This often involves costume pieces and quick changes.  The story is usually centered around who's the baby or fighting the bad guys.

Tonight, while Sam and I were in the middle of our snuggle rotation (each child gets each parent two times), I asked the kids if they wanted to pray.  They were enthusiastic, so I asked what they were thankful for.

Manny's standard answer is "everything and everybody!"

The girls rattled off names of friends and I added family, food, shelter, etc.  Then I said a short, simple prayer for those in need (which is all of us), but this particular prayer was centered around people not having their physical needs met. 

Glory piped in, "Pray for the kids who don't have homes or food."

I was snuggling Elena and she screeched in my ear something I couldn't make out.  After she said it six times, in the same cartoonishly shrieky voice, I figured out she was saying, "OR TOYS!"

So we prayed for the kids who have no homes, no food and no toys.

Then Elena started shrieking again, and after a deciphering process, it was confirmed she was demanding we pray for the kids who have no homes, no food, no toys, and no....


Manny thought this was silly.  I also found it silly, and absolutely wonderful at the same time.

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