Monday, May 16, 2011

This is for you Mom

My mom told me last night that she checks this blog every day. That made me feel really sad for her. For how much time she's wasted and the general malaise she must feel day after day after day these last 5 months (to the day!) when she has discovered nothing new to read about her grandchildren.

I don't know why exactly I have not written down a single story for you Mom. It has been an interesting season of life, as you well know. And when things get too complicated for me, I tend to go into my shell, aka my kitchen, and enjoy other people's stories instead. For example, seven seasons of The Office, nearly all watched while washing dishes and folding laundry.

But tonight, Sam is gone, it is drizzly and gray outside and I am a rich person because I have a crackling roasting chicken in my oven and sprouted wheat bread dough rising next to the heat of it all and I feel like I can gather myself enough to write down the funny thing Manny said so that I can save you the trouble Mom.

Manny has said lots of funny things these last 5 months, but this is the only one I can remember now.

Manny and Sam took a shower together.
Manny began a conversation about the features they share that are not shared by the other members of our household.
Over time, the conversation moved to Manny's testicles, which he proclaimed contained all the pee.
Sam taught Manny the word sperm, to which Manny replied-

Yeah! The daddy makes the spum, the mama makes the egg and together they make a baby! That's good teamwork!

And here's what I would offer up in reply to that-

It's nothing compared to the teamwork that goes on after the baby's born!

Well, time to attend to the bread.

Hope it made you smile the second time around Mom.


Grandma Bette said...

It made me smile also and since I have no updates on my grandchildren I will just enjoy yours.
Grandma Bette

Marilyn Gray said...

I'm smiling too! Having raised only girls, I think I missed some very funny conversations!