Monday, December 13, 2010

Would this work better with an attachment?

I have a long post brewing in me, but since it has taken me over 2 hours to get the kids to sleep coming off an already tough day, I think it's time to do the dishes and consider exercising, but have a bowl of cereal and watch 30 Rock on Netflix instead.

But I had to write, at least briefly, because after spending the day worrying about Elena being sick and an afternoon of meltdowns (all three kids, me and a scary incident with the Christmas lights, an outlet and a metal disk that is now charred and misshapen), Manny said something that made me laugh out loud and that took some doing.

Trying to get Elena ready for bed, she suddenly looked panicked and said she needed to go potty. I was still worried about her potential stomach problems and rushed her to the bathroom, stripping her while we moved. Once she was sitting I crouched down right in front of her to provide all the moral support required for someone who doesn't feel well and is new to a life free of daytime diapers. I wasn't even fully aware of Manny right next to me, who was pacing the rim of the bathtub in his Batman pajama shirt and absolutely nothing else.

Elena peed.

Manny stopped, cocked his head and exclaimed, "I don't know why you don't use a penis," as though a penis was like a vacuum attachment that has fallen behind the messy shelves in our family room closet. "You just use your bottom," he concluded.

Elena didn't even dignify his comments with a non-verbal response. I, on the other hand, was doubled-over the toliet, but not for the traditional reason.

Thank God for Manny and for laughter and for Tina Fey streaming on my computer in my dirty, soon to be transformed, kitchen.

(And for my Dad, who visited this morning and barely made it out unscathed. Glory and Manny think he is a jungle gym. I felt simultaneously sorry for you Dad and happy, that for a few hours, it was you and not me. Painful love they give at times. Sweet, but ouch.)


Marilyn Gray said...

being a girl...I think Manny has a very very good point!

Carmen Goetschius said...

This was magnificent. Chuckling right along with you!