Monday, March 1, 2010

All at the same table

Goodbye high chairs!
Last week I decided high chairs were an eyesore and impossible to clean and I would take whatever the kids gave me at the table. What they have given me is a giant mess 5 times a day. But it was a giant mess in the high chairs too. I am hoping empowerment is the first step to growth. And better aim. All those whole grains really stick to a person.
I just thought of a Halloween costume for next year. Oh, good for me! I am not typically oriented that way. I will let one of them go as a dish of brown rice, another as a bowl of oatmeal and the third as a mashed up muffin. It will be so easy to dress up. Just have dinner and go.

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Christy said...

By the size of that table I'd think you and Sam were ready to invite a few more sets of twins to join at meal time! Do either of you come from farm families? ;) The three little ones you have somehow look so much smaller at that big table, and like they surely couldn't possibly cause quite so much brown rice, oatmeal, and muffin madness. But I'm thoroughly sure that they do. Hurray for all of you for the girls being in "big girl" chairs at the table now! (I love those chairs you have, by the way.) Love your blog, as always. Many hugs to you, Angie.