Monday, February 1, 2010

Pajama Day

The kids never made it out of their pajamas today. I love that they are young enough that people at the grocery find this cute and not lazy. I am not sure how people feel about the same pajamed kids covered in sticky granola bar bits. I also find this endearing, but it's kind of like how you don't mind changing your own kid's dirty diaper, but some random kid....might be a different story.

We made a trip to Portland this past weekend sans Sam. He stayed behind for much needed R & R and thanks to Rona and her ever-present exceptional attitude, the drive went well. Before we left, I gave Glory and Elena a sippie cup full of warm pumpkin milk, my concoction of choice these days. A little maple syrup, some pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice goes a long way in this house. Otherwise milk is just something to drip out of your sippee cup onto other things for finger painting.

G & E were both enjoying their drink. So much so, in fact, that they began to say, "Cheers!" Back and forth. Endless cheers. There was a jovial spirit until Elena decided she was done cheering Glory, snatched Glory's drink without apology and made off with both sippee cups as fast as she could. And she is faster than Glory. Thankfully, I was there to smooth out the sticky situation, but I think there's something in this story that we can all learn from. Next time you are at a party and you just finished the toast, don't steal the drink from the guy next to you. Even if you're bigger and you know you can.

So today we were tired after our great trip to Portland to visit family. Thank you family for having us and loving us. All afternoon, the kids rotated taking turns being potato bugs with blankies in some corner of the house or other. It is such sweetness seeing them curled up like that. It lasts for about two minutes and then they are hopelessly compelled to jump back on their feet either falling, biting someone, stealing from someone or being stolen from. So it's like circuit training. Intensity! Let your heart rate fall. Intensity! And all the while, I have three pots on the stove, two with boiling water and I'm trying to peel a butternut squash. Fear of losing fingers or severe burns while parenting continues to be a stressor for me.

I can just imagine the reaction every time someone notices I am missing a finger.

"What happened? they would cry.

"I was trying to offer my child vegetables I knew they would not eat,"I would reply.

"Tragic," they would say.

And then I wouldn't say anything because I would be intervening in another love/mine conflict on the ground. The kids really do love each other so much, but not enough to share. Manny doesn't seem to understand why the girls run away from him after he has taken every possible thing out of their hand.


Elena would rather put crayons up her nose, red on one side, blue on the other, wincing with each fascinating poke. Glory would rather clear out the tupperware drawer. There was an amazing parade of hats today. My favorite was the one that went over Glory's eyes and nose, mashing her face against the transparent plastic while she giggled uncontrollably through her mouth.

Last night, Manny got out of bed after we thought he was placed for the night and had a good, long poop in the dimly lit bathroom. "Stay with me Mom," he said in his sweetest voice, so I sat on the rim of the tub and we talked. He was being so charming (hard to believe that is compatible with the activity, but this child can be so dreamy) that I couldn't help laughing and I said, "You are so cute Manny." A while later- this really was a long session- he said, "You're so cute Mama. Daddy's so cute too." Pause. Pause. "Daddy has a really big penis." So we talked about that for a while. I told Sam later, and he said, "Well, I should hope so." You know. The three-year old comparison. There's really no contest.

Tonight, before bed, Manny came up the ramp with something hanging out of his mouth. I asked what it was and he smiled and said, "a tiny bit of garbage!" He sucked on it for a while longer before pulling out the garbage and throwing it away.

When we were putting the girls in their cribs, Manny was busy dismantling the couch in their room and he said, "Nice day Mama." And I said, "it was a nice day, wasn't it?"

And it was. Full of distracted thoughts about things that ultimately don't matter like the espresso maker I might go buy right now and then, of course, have to commit to using. It will be hard to say goodbye to my friends at the coffee shop that I really don't know. And I am sure they will miss my tips that I give them because they remember my name and tell me my kids are cute. But after hearing about Sam's luxurious night in a hotel where he slept in until 9am, I want to save my tip money and professionally made latte money for a few mornings like that. And I'm sure the Seattle "I work all day at a coffee shop" crowd (who I really like too) will not miss the entrance and exit of my enormous double stroller. I often bump the door and people, but I find that if you just smile real innocently and casually bend your head toward your brood, people will forgive an awful lot. And feel sorry for you. Or maybe they're glad they're NOT you. But I'm glad I'm me. And that's all that matters.


Carmen said...

Sucking on "a tiny bit of garbage".... This kills me. I love it.

Mark said...

Oh, dear. When did the subject of the size of Sam's penis become blog fodder? LOL.