Monday, February 8, 2010

Manny's Manners

Table manners are not a big topic of discussion at our house. It just doesn't rise to the top of the list for me. I am much more concerned with other niceties like keeping your diaper on when you're pooping. Elena, I'm talking to you.

So, today at lunchtime, I was giving the kids shredded mozarella, and as often is his want, Manny requested to have his cheese on the table. "Sure," I said giving him a pile of cheese on the table and then went back to doing the dishes.

When I checked to make sure the kids were doing okay, the top half of Manny was lying on the table, his face planted in the cheese, his tongue licking it up like a dog. He noticed I was watching and lifted his head. There was a shred of mozarella stuck up his nose. He looked at me seriously and said, "Teacher said don't do this at school."

I told him Teacher was right, but that if it made him happy to do that once in a while at home, it was okay with me. The poor kid has enough restrictions. And we'll work on table manners once I am capable of demonstrating them myself, as opposed to my current eating style that I would describe as "sit down, lift fork, hop up, get milk for Elena, sit down, lift fork, stand up, get new spoon for Glory, pick up plate, stuff four bites worth in at once, walk around, put things in the refrigerator while I chew, tell Manny not to get up from the table, feel like a hypocrite, stuff another four bites worth in my mouth, repeat until exhausted and/or finished."

Besides eating Manny-style looked fun. We should all enjoy our food a little more.

Just not when Teacher's watching.


Grandma Bette said...

If it is any comfort, this very scene is being repeated across the world on another continent.
Grandma of Jaenish three

Carmen said...


I love that you let your kiddo do this!!! You are such a good mama. And your energy is amazing. I give up and I don't have 3 kids! ;-)