Friday, February 5, 2010

Germ Cookies

We all have a little bit of a cold. I wish that meant that Manny was ready to take a nap while the girls napped, but despite my best attempts, the most he will do is climb on top of me and then roll off the bed while holding a fistful of my hair. So far, no bald spots. Miraculous.

So today, about an hour after he ate lunch, Manny requested a snack. I was already thinking we should bake something. Manny would only accept cookies and I remembered this healthy cookie recipe that I have and boy is it delicious. 101, Carrot Oatmeal Cookies, made with lemon zest instead of ginger. The kids and I all loved them.

Manny was up on his red chair at the counter in a flash. He is getting really adept at emptying the measuring cups into the bowl. And he is better than I am at not flinging spoonfuls of the ingredients over his shoulder as he is mixing them together. But, about five minutes in, things started to unravel and I could not move fast enough to keep up with him. He stuck his hand in the bag of flour and let it snow, so to speak.

But, it was when Manny insisted on scooping the dough onto the cookie sheet that our bonding experience really became a sweaty game of strategy. Manny would thrust his hand in the dough, then take a pinch of dough off of the cookie sheet, then stick the whole ice cream scoop in his mouth all in a matter of about five seconds. I never knew where he was going to strike next and I think he managed to infect every single ball of dough that went into the oven. I was relieved there were no raw eggs and that we had not planned to share the finished product with anyone outside of the Lai Five.

It became funny to him and to me and I had to keep reminding myself, as I had when he kept "making a cave" out of my new sheets and duvet cover that I had just double washed and ironed, that it didn't matter. If he ate the whole bowl of dough, it didn't matter. If he smeared his dirty plaid pajama outdoor play pants all over my clean sheets, it didn't matter. All that mattered is that he felt seen, accepted and enjoyed.

When we were cleaning up, I had a surge of appreciation for Manny and I said, "You know Manny, I like you." And he said, "I like you too, Mama."

And the germ cookies will be making another appearance quite soon.

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