Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Euphoric Morning with Steve Songs

I just had a moment of euphoria, only matched by the moment of euphoria I had an hour ago when Rona told me that Lost aired a new episode despite the competition of the Olympic games.

The kids are watching PBS Kids and Steve Songs comes on. When the girls were newborn, I really loved it every time this man in the red polo with his guitar came on TV and sang to the world about shapes and feelings and the people you meet in your neighborhood. But then Steve went through an awkward performance phase where they had him in a studio and he looked….well…overmedicated.

But, today, they play one of the old ones. I know it from the first note and I run into the family room and practically shout, “I love this song!” The kids are slumped on the couch and they all look at me like I am being a little dumb. I feel sheepish, but then I remind myself that Elena is wearing a Tupperware hat, Glory is breathing like a pug while constantly taking her temperature, and Manny is clutching a giant picture of a ladybug.

I am feeling really good. The girls slept in until 7 this morning and didn’t wake up all night, which is the first time that has happened in I don’t know how long. Maybe it’s the half dose of Motrin for 2 year olds that I gave them because I was out of infant drops, or maybe it’s the teaspoon of honey they sucked down in the dark for their cough or maybe it’s the grace of God in the form of lighter mornings, but I feel like I can run the next leg of this race today.

And I will either have Steve Songs in my head or the gay love song to the President of Iran from Saturday Night Live that Sam was humming this morning. I love creative types. What a wonderful world!

"I like soccer
And I like songs
I like when everyone around me sings along
I like apples and canoes
I like outside things to do
And I like you too

Everyone has their own song they can sing
with their own special words and their favorite things
Each voice's song is a song that's unique when it sings



-Steve Songs

P.S. my apologies to Steve Songs for his wrecked lyrics. I replicated them as best as I can remember and I bet you can tell where my memory fails me. But as I tried to think of the words today, I couldn't help but think- wouldn't it be great if we adults lived the principles that we try so hard to instill in our children? Everyone has their song to sing and it's beautiful. But then I think of Fox News and I don't want to hear the song that they sing....argh. Pop goes my balloon. Well, they probably like puppies and cookies and sunshine too. So there are things we call all agree on. What a relief.

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Carmen said...

I want to know the words of the gay song!!!!!! At least a link to the SNL sketch!? You're killing me here!

Love the image of the kids on the couch as you come running in. Man, you are a good writer. Love that you had sleep. Love that you sigh over my drama. Just plain ol love you.