Friday, December 4, 2009

Glory and Elena

Little girls in big boots (Elena left and Glory right)
I haven't posted in so long and that makes it hard to know what to say when so much life and emotion has occured. So I will keep it short and vivid and then go clean the kitchen.
After the kids' nap, I was getting them ready to go up on Queen Anne Avenue for "Holiday Magic" which was far short of magical, though the kids did get to hear some holiday music in Starbucks. Thankfully they are too young to know that the man singing, though in a lovely voice, did not know the words to a single song he sang. Had I the talent, I think I would have grabbed the mike to save us all from the agony we collectively shared as he butchered carol after carol.
Before we left the house for "Holiday Magic", I convinced Manny to go potty. He is small and his little butt doesn't cover much area, leaving the perfect gap for Glory to watch in front and Elena to watch in back. What were they watching? Well, for the sake of good taste, I will not say, but it took a while and there were lots of the baby equivalent of "oohs" and "ahhs" as they witnessed this amazing physical act for the first time. Some parents would probably have tried to move the babies away from the action, but I really wanted to put some mascara on so I would stop looking like I just got out of bed, so I let them fawn over Manny's potty show. It was a lot more magical than what they had going on at Starbucks.

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