Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An A-ha moment

Last week, Elena woke up from afternoon nap first and it was immediately evident why. I took her to the changing table in our bathroom so that Glory wouldn't be disturbed and while I was changing her, Elena turned her head to look in the mirror and said, "That's Glo Glo!" To be sure I heard her right, I asked, "Where's Glory?" and she tapped the glass.

That same day, the kids and I were reading a christmas book and there was an illustration of the nativity. The girls said, "baby! baby!" and Manny said authoratatively, "Baby Jesus." I said, "what's Jesus' mama's name?" "Mary," he said, which surprised me because I haven't taught him that. "What's Jesus' daddy's name?" I asked and the word that came out of Manny's mouth as he pointed at Joseph was unique to Manny, but could most accurately be translated as "Dufus."

Today, Manny told me that Daddy has a baby in his tummy and that so does Manny. When I asked Manny how big his baby was, he said the baby was as big as Manny. Manny does have a big tummy, but WOW!

This afternoon, Glory was pulling dozens of diapers out of their plastic bag and distributing them all over the hallway. Manny walked out of his room and said, "Oh honey, that's a lot of diapers." I just love it when he calls the girls honey.

If anybody even mentions the word "baby" these days, Manny is lightning quick to say, "I'm not baby. "I'm boy!"

The girls have been waking up on average about 5am for weeks now. The only saving grace is that every other morning I get to stay in bed for a while, which really means trying not to listen to them screech and cry for, as handsome and charming and cuddly as Sam is, he's not me. Here's hoping they magically sleep longer tomorrow. You know you're tired when every time you walk down the stairs, you find yourself thinking, "Don't fall, don't fall because I'm the only one home with the children.....but if I did fall and had to be hospitalized, at least I could rest uninterrupted for a while!" I guess there is a bright side to a lot more than I previously realized. It just depends on one's level of desperation.

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