Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Street Bean

Sam teaching Manny how to wrestle. When Manny pins Sam, he shouts, "1, 2, WINNER!"
Elena (L) and Glory (R) all dressed up in skirts my mom made.
The barrette lasted long enough for this photo.

It's been a long time since I posted anything. I'm kind of at a loss lately. But the children aren't! Glory and Elena are talking a lot. They are willing to try anything these days. Whether it's food or words, they are soaking it all up. It is really exciting to see and hard to believe that they are just four months away from how old Manny was when they were born.
Today, Sam and I took the kids down to the grand opening of Street Bean Espresso, a new, gorgeous coffee shop that is employing 5 clients from New Horizons for the next two years, creating a job history that will help them transition from street life into the greater marketplace. The coffee is fantastic, the space is inspired and the heart is solid. I was so moved to be there and thankful that I am connected to people who paint bold strokes on behalf of others that enable all of us to expand our vision for what love and faith can accomplish in the world.
You can find out more at or if you live in Seattle, it's worth a visit. Free wi-fi too. 2702 Third Ave in Belltown.

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vancearts said...

These pictures are so great! I miss you this week....sorry there's been no time for homemade lattes. Maybe next week? Give my love to those babies (all three of them, even though they're not really babies anymore)...