Monday, October 26, 2009

Some Birthday Pictures

Manny's birthday balloon and pumpkin. "Make pumpkin bread Mama?"
Sam and Manny at Julia's for a special father/son breakfast.

Manny's Little Red Wagon Preschool class.
From L to R: Lucy, Drew, Miss Eve, Jordan, Mira, Brevon, Miss Kristen and Manny.

Manny blew out the candle on the first try!

Birthday dinner with the Vances and Kathleen and Charlie. From L to R: Echo, Charlie, Zoe, Sam, Manny and a few locks of dear Max's hair.

Manny had a great birthday. He still says he's two, but lots of us claim to be younger than we are, so I don't fault him. I think age is probably something that's okay to be creative with.
There is a lot going on right now and life is really demanding so I don't feel like writing. I find that happens when things get tougher, but I know there are some of you that check this periodically- some dear friends who are far away and treasured family and I don't want to leave you out of a peek into Manny's big day.
There's a lot that sobers me. The war, health care, the fire at Taproot Theatre, challenges people I love are facing that are grievous and hard and that's just the start. Then there's my own personal limitations that had me exploding glass bottles in the freezer today, flinging poop across the room and joining my kids in a good round of sobbing. BUT we have much to be thankful for (Kathleen's visit was a big one!) and I suppose that includes the mountain of clothes that I have to go iron. I have been avoiding the pile for three months and I think it's now harder to avoid it than to just do it.
Hope you all are well and finding ways to love on the people around you.
And enjoying good coffee or chocolate or whatever your thing is.
Why am I not in Northern Ireland drinking at a pub right now? Somehow that sounds so good. Wish I could meet you Katy!


Kathleen said...

That fun party already feels like ages ago to me! I am beyond thankful that we got to be present to celebrate Manny. And the visit continues to hold me up.

We flung poop today, too! A little here, a little there, a whole lot left in the underwear. Someday he'll get it...right?!

Joining you in prayer for the Taproot & Green Bean crews.

Carmen Goetschius said...

Taproot fire? Yikes. Haven't heard about this one.

Sorry it has been a rough season. I'd go drink a beer with you and Katy. Sounds good to me.

Love you, Car