Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Love Letters

Dear Manny,

I love that you say things like, "I miss Daddy" and "Is he scared?" and "I'm sleepy" right after you didn't take a nap when you had a chance and tonight when we got home from Gorditos to celebrate your first day of preschool tomorrow, you said, "Mama, I want some dinner. I'm hungry." So we fed you and your sisters a big bowl of whipped cream and blueberries in the bathtub. I love that you helped me make muffins today and that when you ate one, you were totally covered in melted chocolate chips that you wiped on your bare chest because I can't remember to ever buy napkins or paper towels or even give you a towel unless you explicitly ask me. I love how much you love books and that when Daddy asked you to sing a song to Glory because she was sad, you beat boxed instead because that's the example that has been set for you and you are a kid after your daddy's heart. I love that you were brave today when we went to meet Miss Eve and visit your classroom. And I love that you show your backpack to everyone who comes over. I can't wait for you to see your doggie luggage tag that has Manny Lai written on it and the ball of 4 tiny photos that is attached to the interior mesh lining of your backpack. If you are ever sad, you can look at the four faces who love you the most. Daddy, Mama, Glory and Elena. We will always be right within your grasp.


Dear Elena,

I love that the other day when everyone was snuggly, whenever you got your turn on my chest, you bit me while Glory would cuddle up and suck her thumb. I love your toothy grin and how you climb on absolutely everything, including the tables and chairs at Manny's preschool today. I love that you shriek with delight every time someone puts you on the couch and that today you demonstrated your ability to say please. I love that you have been able to say it for a while (I suspect), but didn't because no one asked you until this morning. I love that you said bye to Rona after she took care of you and that you still give me a wet open mouth kiss when I say good night. I love that you are full of light and that you shine all over the place. I love how you look in leggings.


Dear Glory,

I love that you like to hold your green blanket in your high chair until the last possible moment before I give you something to eat. I love that when we ask you where Elena is, you tilt your head completely to one side like you are playing peek-a-boo around the corner of the kitchen island. I love that you need more sleep than Elena and that you curl up in the corner of your bed with your thumb in your mouth and all is right in your world. I love the way you look in the bathtub, the littlest of the three, but every bit as spunky, perhaps because of your squished gestational period. I love that you press your whole face to my body when I hold you in the Ergo and that you answer my questions with a nod or a shake of your head. I love that you listen to me sing and the way you scoot down the ramp on your tiny diapered bottom. I love the way you look when you put food in your mouth with your beautiful, delicate fingers and how messy you look when you're done.



Kathleen said...

This made me cry. So sweet. I love that Manny has pictures of the four of you in his backpack. I'll call today to see how it went! *Hugs*

Marilyn Gray said...

Oh Angie, made me cry too! I have a whole file folder of notes Steve wrote to the girls when they were little. Our system wasn't as high-tech, but the sentiments were similar. What a precious moment I know you had writing down your "love notes" and what a joy they will have someday reading your "love" for them. You're just a great doubt about it.

meganohanlon said...

My heart! I've had so much fun hearing stories of your beautiful family through Rona and her reading your blog posts out loud when we're together. Now I found your blog on my own and it will be fun to stay in touch with what's going on- sending you great big hugs all the way from Mexico!

jordan said...

oh dear.

i'm joining the crying crew.

so tender. so precious. so perfect.