Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Made It To Parent Night

Showing Manny his doggie backpack tag on the first morning of school.
All ready to go with Rona's help!
Spending lots of time in the tubs lately.

Every day I have countless things that I think are worthy of writing about in this blog. But I am really coming up short on time. It's strange. I think I'm catching my stride and then all of a sudden, I feel like I can accomplish next to nothing and I have stacks of laundry everywhere, a kitchen full of dishes, no idea what I'm going to make for dinner tomorrow night, I'm tripping over toys, I didn't exercise, on and on and on, but the kids were well cared for and they have clean sheets on their beds. Oh and I made it to parent night.

I need to go to bed, but here's the brief preschool update. We all walked to preschool last Thursday and Manny was fine until we said we were going to leave. He began to sob those terrible sobs that make you want to promise your child you will never leave their side ever, ever again even when they beg you at the 7th grade dance to just go home already!

Of course, it was after the sobbing began that I realized I hadn't taken the first day of school pictures I wanted to take. I guess in this way, I am not my mother's daughter. She never would have made that mistake! And because she's loving and good, she will not think less of me for having forgotten.

But of course I forgot! It was crazy trying to get all the children ready to leave the house and this was with extra help from Rona the saint (I told her I put in her official application for sainthood, but that was a lie, which may preclude them granting my request. Did I just use preclude correctly? Sometimes I think someone with a vocabulary as shoddy as mine is seriously kidding themselves to persist with these writing aspirations).

After dropping Manny off this morning, I wiped the literal sweat off my upper lip (preschool is up a hill and I was wearing a baby and pushing the other two in the double stroller as fast as I could go so we wouldn't be late) and answered the phone. Kathleen was calling. God bless her. What would I do without Kathleen? Probably shrivel up and die. So Kathleen listens to me (laughing at all the appropriate places) drone on about how unfair it is to feel this unattractive as a mother. There should be time granted to every mother every day to iron her shirt, dry her hair, brush her teeth, find clean pants, file her nails before she scars her own face or that of her children. I don't think I have ever gone into a public place with unwiped sweat on my upper lip, but when you have two squirming babies in your arms, you are forced to let some things go. Thankfully Manny didn't care one bit that I was leaving this time and so I was able to leave quickly without any drama.

After the first day of school, I asked Manny lots of questions, but he's not one to get into details. Finally, when I asked, "Do you like Miss Eve?" he said "no." "Why?" "She's scared." "Of what?" "Of the kids," he said emphatically. I abandoned the conversation because I am quite sure this is untrue and I think if I had asked Manny if there had been a lion in the potty, he would have uttered his signature "uhh-huh".

Tonight, at parent night (how is it that I am now attending parent nights?), they told me that Manny is mellow, that he listens well, and that he sings all the time. That last one was a surprise and so delightful to contemplate. There are only five children in his class (all eldest children and one boy has 11 month old twin sisters), and two teachers, one with a graduate degree in education. I feel so blessed that we can send him to this school and that he is taking to it so well.

Sam is sick, so I got to pick up Manny alone today. The girls were asleep in their cribs and Sam was asleep in our bed. Manny was so brave and we walked a block to the library before he told me that he needed to go potty. I scooped him up and walked as fast as I could home. We did not make it, but I was so proud of him for telling me and after parent night, I now know that the kids took a play break in the room with the water fountain and that explains a lot. I didn't care. We came home, stripped off our clothes, had a long afternoon with no nap and lots of tears, but we made it through together and I wouldn't have missed a moment.
I just reread this and it does not make as much sense as I wish it would. It is not the beautifully crafted essay that I imagined unfolding over a cup of drinking chocolate as I saw the sun setting over the library on my way back to preschool tonight. But it is now 10:40 and the whole adventure is about to begin all over again so beautiful prose must be abandoned and sleep must be embraced.


Kathleen said...

Oh, Ang. I'd call you now if it weren't the witching dinner hour so you could hear my quivering voice. I love you so much, friend. A part of me nearly died in moving away from you. So, hooray to a month from today!!! I can't wait to see you and your precious three. Especially if they're in plastic tubs. That picture is too darn cute. And I'm so happy for Manny. Don't you love picturing him singing?!

Kathleen said...

And what a cool backpack!!!

Carmen Goetschius said...


Love you and Kathleen-- love that you get to see one another soon and share baby/mommy time!