Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Supermom is back!


Today was a much better day because my trusty partner, Super Sam, whisked in unexpectedly and at the nick of time to conduct a business meeting on the go, while pushing Elena and Glory in the stroller. He even had the guy he was meeting with walk the dog! Hallejuah!

It was especially helpful because I attempted an even more complicated dish than rice and beans (Cumin-Scented Mushroom and Cheddar Galette from www.inpraiseofleftovers.com) and it was taking me a LOT longer than I thought it would. It was my first time making it, but it certainly won't be my last. I think I went up a notch in Sam's eyes. Thanks Sarah!

Manny was happily occupied with sitting in the tub of water on the deck while I crisped the bacon, roasted the potatoes and boiled the kale. I think he drank half the tub water with a plastic straw he was playing with, which would explain the burst of pee that exploded while Sam was finishing his business meeting in the pea gravel pit. Bye bye Monkey underwear. At least for now.

While I sauteed the mushroom, cumin, garlic, salt, pepper and splash of lime juice in olive oil, Manny ate playdough. He even got a big piece stuck on his teeth, but I didn't care. Sometimes you got to take one for the team or something.

After the business meeting ended abruptly with the change of underwear, Sam and the kids played drums and Manny even took my hands and danced funky moves with me in circles, his eyes closed, perhaps to avoid having to watch me attempt funky dance moves. That's okay. I understand. It was great.

After dinner, the girls ate books as I tried to get them interested in reading them and Sam did the dreaded tooth brushing. There were plenty of kisses to go around and now I have a mountain of chores, including cleaning the toliets which are hotbeds for disease, I'm sure, but Sam picked up cookies from Macrina on his "business meeting" and life is really, really good. It was really, really good yesterday too, but today feels a whole lot sweeter.

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love this

beautiful... I love Super Sam and Super Ang and super cute tots Elena, Glory, and Manny!