Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pictures From the Beach

Glory at the wading pool.
Manny in too small swim trunks.
Oh sand! Oh ocean! What rapturous delight!
Tastes GOOD.
I wanted to write tonight but I decided to spend some quality time with Kathy Smith instead and then proceeded to smear Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (that I had been saving in my freezer from the Baked Cookbook) all over my oven, dropping the F-bomb twice in front of Sam. He hates that. And I admit, it is not a becoming reaction to anything.
I try to be so good all the time. But all my ickiness comes out whether I want it to or not. And when my baking explodes into disaster, I am always beside myself with anger and grief, at least for a minute.
We ended up defrosting some Lemon Loaf and eating the couple edible bites of the cookie remnants and laughed much too hard joking about Sam taking the dough-strewn piece of parchment paper to work tomorrow and seriously offering some cookies to his co-workers, suggesting that I would be offended if they declined.
One of my favorite games when I am tired and loopy is thinking of the most inappropriate thing one could do or say in certain situations. Try it! You'll like it!
I better get to bed so I can clean my oven in the morning.

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Mark said...

Ah, that's the Angie I know and love! Dropping the F-bomb, laughing at ass jokes and thinking of totally inappropriate things to say.