Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Delicate Crumb or Grit?

Elena's first assessment of birthday cake.
Elena; a few minutes later.
Glory. A girl after her mother's heart.

In keeping with my pattern, here are some pictures that are at least four weeks old. We just got back from a week in Oregon and I am still sorting out my stories. At the moment, I feel like I can't remember anything because I am in an ice cream coma and I really should be paying my utility and light bills, which are overdue because I didn't set up auto pay correctly. But I felt like I wanted to post something since it has been so long.

One thing I will say though. My children's new favorite food is sand.

How can you look at cake like that Elena and then turn around and eat, literally, fistfuls of sand?

People are such mysteries.


Jaenisch Family said...

Glad to know our kids are just as normal as yours ; ) For some reason Lara and Liliana love rocks/small pebbles as well. They just suck on the dirtiest ones they can find and then spit them back out...maybe they are rock cleaners.

I love reading about your adventures/experiences as it shows me what is to come and reassures me when we are experiencing some of the same things (ie Konrad pushing the girls over or sitting on top of them).

Hugs - Melisa

Marilyn Gray said...

I'm sure I remember that sand helps the digestive system...oh wait I think that's for parakeets!