Thursday, July 23, 2009


I couldn't think of a title and since I sat down in the spirit of "bust this out as fast as possible so I can wash the dishes, go to the bathroom and apply a little make-up before Super Why is over", I decided to forgo coming up with something clever or meaningful.

There a few things I want to remember from this week. And a few I would like to forget! (i.e. lots of pee running down Manny's legs at inopportune times).

Two days ago, I got the kids situated with their dinner. When I sat down with my plate (which is the plate I feed the babies off of- I have no idea how much I eat anymore. I eat off the collective plate, off their trays, off their clothes, off their arms, legs, pretty much anywhere I find food, I just eat it because I don't know where else to put it. Thank God for Aslan or I would probably sit on the floor and eat there too.) Anyway, I sat down and I sighed a big, "Thank you Lord for this food", which is about all the grace that gets said around our table anymore since we never all begin our meal at the same time. Manny reached out his hand to me and said, "Hold hands?" about five times before I finally figured out what he meant.

Then Sam came home and changed his clothes. He came down in a pair of navy cargo shorts that he wears all the time. Manny saw Sam and said, "cool pants Daddy." This was the first time he commented on fashion.

Yesterday was a tough potty training day with lots of pee. At "naptime" I drilled Manny on what to do if he needed to go potty. He was instructed to yell out, "Mama! POTTY TIME!" When I left him in his room, I was full of household ambitions- so much cleaning, laundry and refrigerator work to do. But I found I was a bit paralyzed. I didn't want to make any noise, lest I miss Manny's verbal warnings for the poo I knew was coming. So I was very quiet and folded clothes slowly and noiselessly just a few feet away from his door. When he started to make some noise, I rushed in, sure that we were going to have our first successful poop in the potty. Instead, what I found was Manny standing naked on his bed, pointing at the large turd on the carpet like I was the maid and I had missed a spot while vacuuming. Then I realized it was smeared all over the sheets and all over him.

I threw him in the shower and as I was rubbing soap between his cheeks and trying to dislocate all the bits of poo that had been drying while I was quitely folding laundry, I began to doubt my potty training plans and strategy. A woman needs some kind of warning. I'm not a freaking mind reader! Though perhaps I should become one.

Once I got Manny all squared away, I needed to wake the girls because we had a drama camp dress rehearsal to attend. Manny entered the girls' room with gusto banging and singing/screaming. Elena immediately sat up with a dazed look on her face. I went to her first and realized she was holding a diaper. She was also wearing a diaper.

I looked over at Glory, still sleeping like an angel. A bottomless angel. She was all curled up, sucking her thumb with no diaper on. And she was dry! Maybe she is ready to use the potty.

When we got to the dress rehearsal, all the kids were transfixed by the songs and the monologues that the teenagers were performing. One boy got on stage and began a monologue where his character is trying to pick up a woman and convince her that he is a good guy and not weird in any way. As he explained to her that he is not into little boys, Manny sauntered on to the stage. The whole room broke into spontaneous laughter and my friend Ryan scooped him up since my hands were full of babies. I think that must say something about Manny that he saw someone delivering a monologue and wanted to go on stage anyway.

Now he is watching Super Why and wearing a diaper and I have no idea what to do next. Oh wait. I still need to go to the bathroom. Maybe I will reward myself with an M & M when I'm done.


Carmen Goetschius said...


Reward yourself with MANY M & M's. Each time Manny is successful, you should count it as a success for you as well!!

Is this the Ryan from 'Amber and Ryan'?

"Cool pants, daddy." Love this.

The Leftoverist said...

How can you be so FUNNY? Been missing you lately and thinking we should get together, though I wonder if you have time for that given how preoccupied you've been with doling out M&M's.