Monday, July 20, 2009

Glory Walks!

A Common Scene at Our House

Glory took her first steps yesterday. Go Glory! I didn’t see it myself so I can’t say too much, except that it happened, I still didn’t cry, and look out world.

The potty training is going swimmingly if you don’t count the poop I keep scooping out of Manny’s underwear. He has yet to do that in the potty. After it happened again today, I decided to adopt the quizzing strategy and began to ask him, “Where do big boys poop? “ until he answered with enthusiasm, “in the potty!” “Where does Manny poop?” “In the potty!!” Eventually, I’m sure. Tomorrow? Eh. I choose to remain neutral.

We are using Baby Bjorn toilet seat inserts. They are great. And the opening is exactly the size and shape of Manny’s head. I know this because he put his whole face in it directly after using the potty on his way to washing his hands.

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