Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Elena Walks

The long-ago promised picture of Manny's dance routine to The Killers.

Elena waving to the crowd after her Olympic victory in splashing.

Elena has sort of taken a step here, a step there and I haven't known when to call it her official first step. I know lots of mothers cry when their children take a first step and I waited for that sign, but the tears never came. Finally, while I was on the phone with Aunt Pat yesterday, Elena took a clear series of five **tiny** steps and I have decided to declare if "official".

This picture is old because it consistently takes me at least six weeks to upload pictures onto my computer, but it reminds me of the night before last. Glory and Elena were playing in the bathtub and we have never seen them crack each other up as much as they did splashing back and forth. I ran to get the camera, but only got 16 seconds of film minus sound because I don't have enough memory. I am such a bad 21st century mother. I was thinking about running to get Sam's work camera when we realized that one of the babies had laughed so hard that she pooped and it was in a million pieces all over the bathtub. Who dealt it? Who knows? But that was the end of the "precious" moment and the beginning of the "wash the babies from head to toe in the shower as fast as we can" mission.

There are so many moments where Sam and I look at each other and it's so clear we are both thinking, "Can you believe this crazy stuff? No! Can you? No! WOW." And then something else happens and we're off.

Manny's new favorite saying is, "Oh no! What's happened?" It is the beginning of the era of explanation. We will sit with a book and he will ask that same question about one picture ten times before we move on, but I love it and hope I never lose patience for the answering.
I guess, in a way, that is the question I am constantly asking myself. "Oh no! What's happened?" What's happened between the children? What's happened that all three are in hysterics? What's happened to my midsection? What's happened to my memory? What's happened that I am living such a dream ballet of discovery and fatigue? What's happened that I grew up and it's so much better than it was to be 20, overwhelmed and asleep? What's happened that Clifford the Big Red Dog is over and I haven't done the dishes yet?
And that is where the pondering ends and the diaper changing begins.

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