Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Day to Get Wet

It was hot here today. Don't know how hot, but for my Pac NW blood, it was too hot. I could have tried to take the kids to a wading pool or something, but I opted for less traditional water play.

This morning, Sam needed to leave for a breakfast meeting so I needed to shower quick before he left since the girls were already awake. Our shower is inside a wet room that you just walk into. There is no door. Usually we block the entrance with our laundry basket, but this morning, the basket was inside the toliet room and a man deserves his privacy. So I started the shower and tried to see how far I could get without attracting the girls' attention. I had been in there maybe a minute when both the girls came charging in (can you charge when you're crawling?)and sat their fat diapered bottoms (they hadn't been changed from the night yet) right on top of the drain. And they played happily there in the spray of the shower for the next few minutes. Add that to the list of things I never thought I'd do. Shower with two fully-clothed babies when I'm in a hurry. I love that the girls have a gusto about them. It's the same quality that they exhibit when I vacuum. Instead of keeping their distance or even trying to get away from the vacuum, they spend the whole time trying to climb on top of it. Makes for difficult cleaning. Manny also tries to climb on the vacuum. Oh and Aslan too. There are so many things in my day where there are two choices- 1. laugh heartily OR 2. laugh maniacally like I have just gone over the edge. The vacuum one is a tough call.

At naptime, we had a dryer delivered. Yay! I thought it was hard to do laundry and then my dryer broke. That makes it harder. Buddha, the dryer delivery man, arrived to the sounds of all three children napping...oh wait, I mean screaming. He works alone and took our new Speed Queen all the way up our giant staircase all by himself. I didn't get to see him take our old one down because I was doing my best to soothe the children one at a time. By the time I got to #3, Manny, I was done soothing and just brought him downstairs. He needed an activity so we got him naked and I put him in a big tupperware of water and plastic cups. That did the trick. It was so fun to see him out there on the deck enjoying the body God gave him and the stacking cups I gave him pretty equally. I have a feeling I am going to be putting each of the kids in their own tupperware of water a lot this summer. Maybe I need to evacuate my gift wrap to a safe place and sit in my own plastic bin once in a while. Nothing like chilling out with a sippie cup of applesauce and yogurt in a plastic bin. Seizing the summer one moment at a time.


The Leftoverist said...

Last week, I bought some plastic tubs and paintbrushes at the dollar store. Loretta is happily occupied for hours (okay--maybe 30 minutes, but still...) pouring water from one to the other and "painting" the deck. And she is still scared of the vacuum, by the way...Go, Glory and Elena!

Kathleen said...

We have your weather, you have ours. Everyone here is sooooo grumpy after a few days of clouds & rain. Wish we could jump in the pool with you!

Carmen Goetschius said...

Love it!!! I think the idea you clearing out the wrapping paper to fill a plastic bin with water for yourself is fabulous. Fabulous and hilarious. Love you! And love Kathleen! Sorry her weather is crummy!