Monday, May 25, 2009

Manny's apprenticeship

On Saturday, Manny participated in his first day-long building project and Glory and Elena attended their first wedding. My high school prom date, Matt, married the love of his life, Amanda. It was a beautiful ceremony with lots of happy shrieks inserted during the vows by the girls. Elena was trying to remove my face during the majority of the ceremony. My skin was stinging throughout the cocktail hour, so much so, that I had to ask Sam if I looked like I had been attacked. He said no, but it sure felt like it. I really enjoy people fawning over the children and I get it everywhere I go because a. lots of people love babies and I have lots of them and b. my children are very cute. I don't think this is an arguable opinion. It is fact. And I take no credit. But I sure take a lot of joy in it. My favorite interaction, regarding the girls, after the wedding ceremony, was with Amanda's uncle who said he loves to hear the sounds of happy babies at weddings. And I think I agree. Whether or not Matt and Amanda have children of their own, a wedding is a time where we all gather to honor a part of the cycle of life. Young and old and everything in between, we gather. And we witness. And then we drink and eat cake and be merry, or if you're Sam and I, we rush home for bedtime before our babies stop being cute and start being really, really annoying.

My mom took these fantastic photos and I haven't figured out how to configure them beautifully with my text. And since Super Why on PBS Kids is almost over, I'm not going to worry about it now. My mom and Mike came up this weekend to build a ramp so that the children would stop falling down the stairs between the dining room and the living room. Manny was Mike's assistant every step of the way. He helped carry the lumber, he passed Mike the pencil, he hid half the screws (which we have yet to find) and he tried to pack up all the equipment that Mike unplugged every single time Mike went in the house. By lunchtime, Manny could no longer speak. He could only scream. He was so tired and wanted so badly to keep working that it drove him past the point of language. He took a nap and by the time we got back from the wedding, he had run up and down the ramp so many times that he was exhausted again. Mom and Mike made Manny feel like an integral part of the project from start to finish and thereby gave Manny a memorable day and a valuable sense of accomplishment. And now we've got an amazing place to race cars and/or babies.
With recent visits from my dad, Lisa, Grandma Barb, my mom and Mike, Manny has plenty of people to miss. Before Super Why, we were playing with giant Lego blocks. Manny built a tower and then lifted it to his ear like it was a 12-inch wide phone (kind of like the cell phone bricks people used in the early 90s). I followed in suit and we talked to Mom about the cookies she was baking and Dad about the lunch and ice cream he was about to eat. Everything I would say, Manny would repeat into his blocks. I think he is going to be an excellent conversationalist, at least about food. And when it's 9:30 and you've been up for 4 hours already, what else is there? Why does Mom making cookies have to be imaginary? If only the blocks were really a phone and if only Portland was really Seattle.
By the way, Mike said that the above photo looks like Manny is attempting a bank robbery and I totally agree.

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Carmen Goetschius said...

They are getting so big! Manny has slimmed since I last saw him and looks more like a boy than a baby! Amazing how that happens. Yes, you have beautiful children worth fawning over. Glad the wedding was a success.

Love you!