Friday, April 17, 2009

Snot socks

I pick a lot of noses. Frankly, my finger is a lot more welcome than a tissue. If Elena and Glory even spot a tissue out of the corner of their eye, they arch their backs until their heads touch their toes and it is impossible to see their dried pea-sized nostrils. And with Manny, sometimes it is simply more expedient to use my finger, even though he has matured out of his unreasonable fear of tissues. Nose picking always raises a tough question. What does one do with the matter that one recovered from the nostril? Wipe it on the inside of your sock? This is a common solution for me and one I would endorse because you wash your socks every time you wear them. If you wipe it on the inside of your pant leg and then forget about the booger, you might find it the next time you wear those pants and be grossed out. If you are me, you still don't care because fatigue has a way of eliminating vanity. If it is dried, do you just flick it onto the carpet knowing that you might vacuum in the next 7-28 days? Do you put it on a shelf, promising yourself that you will get a tissue when you have a chance? Feel free to weigh in on this dilemna. The kids have been recovering from a cold for four weeks now and sometimes the recovered matter is too extreme to go the sock route, even for me. It is so peaceful nursing a baby with your boogered finger in the air, looking all around you for some scrap of paper or diaper or dust bunny on which to deposit your treasure. And it is exhilarating when you get the big one. I won't lie. I have had spontaneous bursts of joy over extracting what was sure to block one of my children's major airways before bedtime. What I discovered today is that I can send Manny to fetch a scrap of tissue. He even brought me the whole roll and, here's the kicker, I only had to ask once. In comparison, I had to ask him upwards of fifty times to make his way to the car from the zoo today. So, to ask once, felt...miraculous. People are always saying to take joy in the little things. I am doing my best to take that advice.


Kathleen said...

I love picturing you with a nursing baby and sticky finger. I like to rub them on any nearby paper that's about to be recycled. If that's not available, I've begun using Charlie's shirt. He cares much less than I do about donning snot covered clothes.

I completely understand about the exhilaration of getting a good one. This week, thankfully with a tissue in hand, I pulled the bugger that would not end. It was like a long strand of greenish yellow spaghetti that kept coming and coming, with occasional breaks that left just enough to keep pulling it. We happened to be out in public and another mom said, "Aaah, the joys of motherhood." Definitely.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Oh my gosh Angie! I am laughing so hard right now. Saw your blog on Carmen's and so glad I did. After an afternoon outside, I've been picking brown boogers today. Lovely! I'm with Kathleen - if it comes from Owen's nose, it goes on his clothes!