Monday, April 28, 2008

27 Weeks and Counting

It's been almost a month since I posted anything, but a lot has happened. We bought a minivan, I turned 30, the New Kids on the Block reunited, we paid our income taxes on time, hell froze over, Sam got diagnosed with mono, I wrote a play for drama camp this summer, the girls grew (A LOT!) and Manny sticks his index finger in his mouth to say "please". In order to attend to all of these things, I have put a lot on hold, including this record of our family life. Our friends Harry, Kathleen, and Charlie have been staying with us for the last week and it has been wonderful. They are all out for the night, so I am headed to bed early, but wanted to finally post some recent pictures for those of you who are keeping up.

FYI- Manny goes into the dog crate voluntarily.


Mom said...

How old Manny looks! Mike and I loved the pictures but we think he looks so much older than when we were there a few weeks ago. Tell him not to change too much more before I get there at the end of the month. Love to all the Lais.

Carmen Goetschius said...

I agree with your mom! I can't believe how grown up he looks. Such a handsome young man. And Ang, he looks like you! I always like to watch little one's grow and change-- looking more like mommy one month and daddy the next. Ummm-- a big month my dear!?!? Mono? Minivan? And taxes? Yikes. Love to the Loves!!!