Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Neighbors and Dancing Before Dinner

Over the weekend, Sam and I moved all the construction debris out of the backyard and picked up the three weeks of you know what (hint: furry four-legged friend - yes, friend - I am no longer considering putting Aslan on the street corner with a free sign strapped around his neck) so that Manny would be able to play back there on nice days. This morning, it was really cold, but clear, so Manny and I went out to explore. Each adventure in the backyard begins with me trying to locate the new dog poos before he can, which is a bit frantic, since the yard is dense with weeds that are perfect hiding places for canine surprises. Also, the yard is not completely child proof and I must know exactly where Manny is at all times so he doesn't fall into the window well.

Once we got that taken care of and I took a deep cleansing breath, we checked out rocks, ran across the grass, almost got maimed by the rose bush and met some neighbors. They live behind us in a community house and have probably seen us all naked when we dart from the bathroom to our closet to close the curtains. Thankfully, they had the nice manners not to mention it. There is Katie, 5, and Gabriel, 1, and they were playing while Mom gardened. Gabriel and Manny peered at each other through the thin slat in the fence and exchanged pleasant babble conversation. I think Manny has a crush on Katie. When Sam got home from his inspections, Manny enthralled us both with his most animated, loud, long monologue ever. I am convinced he was telling Sam about Katie and Gabriel. Katie confided in me that before us, she had only met two neighbors in over two years. I didn't have the heart to tell her we were on our way out.

While I was finishing dinner, Sam took a break from work to hang with Manny and, as he sometimes does, Sam turned on the music that's popular with the teens these days, which sounds very similar to what was popular when I was a teen. Explosively emotive with a driving beat. Love it. Manny and Sam danced and played air guitar. I find that the more responsive I am, the more Manny laughs. It is great and Manny loves to bob his head to the beat. I am shocked at the fact that I always look to Manny to make sure I am on beat. You know you have insecurities about your sense of rhythm when you are relying on a 17 month old's head bobbing skills. I always thank God that Sam has some funk or we would be so square. Maybe Manny will fare better at middle school dances because he is half Sam and an unapologetic head bobber. I sure hope so.

OH, and we found out that the girls are healthy and identical. WOW! Look out world - the Lai Doublemint girls are on their way!

Attached are pictures from Manny's Easter Egg hunt at the zoo with Sam from Easter Eve.

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Carmen Goetschius said...

The double-mint girls..... sweet, sweet, sweet. Good Lord, your house is going to be full! And O so exciting! Can't wait to be with you all this November! Ang, I freaking missed your 30th birthday!!! When is it?!?! Dang it. I've known you for more than 1/3 of our lives and I still cannot remember your birthday. You know I'll be writing this at age 75 as well. Then perhaps I will have a better excuse.