Thursday, March 6, 2008

Headaches and Dog Crates

I took Manny to Portland this week. We intended to stay for two nights, but after he was up from 1:30-5:30am the first night, I decided I couldn't brave another and we drove home after dinner at the Plaza with Grandma. He didn't sleep well on the way home either, so I have been trying to get him to nap as long as possible since we got home. He sleeps for about an hour, forty-five in his crib and then I lay down with him and he sleeps a little longer. It is here that I have been losing vast amounts of hair. He loves to just pull it out and I have been so tired myself that I just lay there and let him do it. And the worst part is that he then stuffs it in his mouth. I am waiting for him to start coughing up furballs like a cat. But I am grateful that he seems to be eating Aslan's hair less and less. Aslan really needs a bath right now. Maybe mine just tastes fresher.

The hair pulling does make my head hurt a little bit, but the real headache today came from a rude neighbor on Queen Anne who, in response to "Hi! How ya doin?" proceeded to inundate Sam and our builders with sarcasm and insults about our less than conventional architectural style. I wasn't there, which is good, because I probably would have made an emotional scene. Poor Sam though. He is learning the hard way that you can't please everyone, and that some people think that having an opinion gives them the license to be mean. Maybe I should sic Manny on him to pull some of his hair out. I suppose that wouldn't be very neighborly either.

And unrelated to hair or the neighbor, my new favorite habit of Manny's is how he crawls into the dog crate and shuts the door. He can't latch it from the inside so he just sits in there and continually bangs the door shut. I think he might be conducting experiments. Like, how long can I bang this door before my mom gets off the computer and pays more attention to me? Or how long will Aslan stare at me from the outside of the crate before he gets territorial and wants his space back? It is all very, very interesting.


Kathleen said...

What a bummer your trip was cut short! That little boy loves his bed, eh?

As far as the neighbor goes, hold your head high that you're building green and willing to challenge the status quo in such an established neighborhood. And, at least you're not alone with your modern style...

I totally relate to the crate banging, except for Charlie it's opening and closing the doors of his changing dresser...slamming them over and over again.

Mom said...

Every entry makes me laugh and reminds me of when you were 16 months. What I didn't know then was that challenging and, sometimes, irritating baby behavior seems like signs of genius when you are the grandmother. Keep writing and keep smiling!

Marilyn said...

Reading your comments just reminds me of what a tender person you are. Your children will certainly benefit from your kind and sensitive nature. We are laughing and crying right along with you! Marilyn