Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunbathing Weather

Today Manny discovered the joy of running around on the deck that is attached to our bedroom. Even though there is no space feasibly large enough for him to lodge his head or fall through, it took me seeing our next door neighbor Gary half-naked sunbathing in the 54 degree heatwave to step inside and watch him run from my seat on the carpet. When I was still outside, Manny kept running in Gary's direction shrieking like a banshee and I felt it was rude not to look at Gary, but I also was too mortified to strike up a conversation. I'm not being a prude. I have no problem with 60-something year old men taking off their shirts. But I feel awkward around Gary fully clothed and his lack of modesty didn't really improve my comfort level. It wasn't long before Aslan joined in with his squeaky rubber chicken that Manny and Aslan take turns sucking on. The rubber chicken is not nearly as big as Manny and quickly went over the edge, inciting persistent barking from Aslan and confusion from Manny. That's when Sam turned to me (who had just arrived home) and said, "We have two children."


Rona said...

That picture is priceless, and makes my heart glad. I'm looking forward to the day when Manny's throwing things down on my head from somewhere above. XO.

Rick said...

A story like this is a small window into your lives. Though there is not always something worth looking at, see half naked man, it's really good to hear.
Your stories always put a smile on my face and the pictures only do more to please.
Keep up the good work and I will keep on reading. Can't wait until things get more interesting (+2).

Hope all is well Rick