Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunacy at the Lais

I just spent enough time on the web reading about people experiencing sleep problems during a full moon to know that we are not alone. Last night Manny was awake from 3am-6:30am when he finally went to sleep for a couple hours after a little applesauce/Tylenol cocktail I mixed up as a last ditch effort for relief. He just woke up tonight at 9:30 and I gave him the Tylenol outright. I don't know if I am a little too liberal with the Tylenol, but tonight, I'm not messing around. It kills me when there is no apparent reason he is awake and everything we try to do to soothe him fails. You know it's a bad night when we resort to bringing him into our bed, not because we are opposed to that, but because it NEVER works. He just lays there and yanks on my hair while simultaneously hitting Sam in the face with his other arm until we are both so fed up we put him back in his crib, to his great protest.

He is like Jekyll and Hyde. One moment the most wonderful creature you could imagine, a ball of love who only wants your attention and approval and laughs at the most idiotic things you say and do. And then the next moment, flipping out of your arms at the mere suggestion of changing his diaper. You would think I pinch him and force him to eat diaper cream every time he's on the table, the way he reacts now. We think he has a flair for the dramatic. Maybe he will follow in the family footsteps and get a drama degree and use it to pursue real estate.

Two things he has started doing that are worth remembering later - he puts his palm up to his ear and pretends he is talking on the cell phone. "Da" is hello, as well as a million other things. He also is learning to feed himself with a spoon (with a lot of help). This picture captures his latest attempt at yogurt. I seriously am so proud.

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Rick said...

Is he giving a thumbs up to the camera or is he just happy to see you?

Nice pic of what looks like a fun time.